IT Support

Our aim is to prevent IT problems before they occur, ultimately reducing your risk and downtime. We manage this in two ways, either by a regular service plan (pro-active support) or on a break/fix basis (re-active support):

Pro-active Support - By a regular service plan, e.g. Monthly IT Maintenance

This is by far the best way to cover your business against computer failures and downtime.

We place utmost priority in proactively managing your IT network, workstations and notebooks.

Our proactive IT maintenance measures include:

Pro-active support is recommended for businesses wanting a stable IT environment.

Benefits Include: Reduced onsite rate per hour. Discounts on all new hardware/software required.

Re-active Support - Also known as break/fix IT Support

Our reactive IT support options are designed for cover and escalation. This includes responding to specific requests originating from the client. IT Support work is carried out at the client’s offices or remotely. Our re-active IT Support measures include:

Re-active support is common for individuals or home users.

Benefits Include: IT Support as and when you need it. No fixed monthly fees.

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